Professional Repair of Slab Leaks

No matter whether you are dealing with leak repairs, both in and out of slabs, it pays to make sure that professionals are on the job.

Confirming the Source of Leaks

Any professional plumbing contractor understands that the basic step in repairing leaks is to confirm its source.  The good news is that professional plumbers are properly trained and equipped to pinpoint accurately the source of leaks.

Leak detection can also be carried out by homeowners, but without the proper training and equipment, this would mostly be a hit and miss detection procedure.

The best way to make sure that the source of leaks is properly confirmed is to have professionals come in and check the home plumbing system.

Usually when it comes to slab leaks, homeowners should check with their insurance providers.  It is not uncommon for many homeowners to be surprised that they are actually covered against flooding and similar damages that can be the result of slab leak repairs.

Repair Procedure for Leaks

Once the source of leaks has been determined, professional plumbers are now in a better position to make the necessary and proper repairs.  Water supply to the entire area or the home will be turned off until repairs are completed.

For slab leaks, the flooring material would be removed from the area where the source of the leak has been detected.  Only the necessary materials will be removed to make sure that cost of repair and replacements are kept at a minimum.

Holes will be drilled on the 4-inch concrete slab to create an initial opening to reach the affected portion of the plumbing system.  Once the source has been confined to a specific area, the access hole will be made bigger to make the necessary repairs.

A cutting tool will be used to remove the damaged portion of the pipe.  When replacing sections of home plumbing pipes, it is important that the same time of material is used.  Usually, it can be either PVC or copper piping.

Copper pipes should be welded, which means the access area must be left exposed for a few days to verify that the leak has been fixed correctly.

Covering the Access Hole

After the repair work has been done and the replacement pipe has been tested, the access hole must be covered up completely to finalize the repair.

Concrete will be mixed, poured, and evened out to match the existing surrounding slabs.  The area must be cured for a number of days before it is completely covered up to ensure that the cement mixture has hardened completely.

We can handle leak repairs, both in and out of slabs to ensure that your problem is solved properly. Call Los Angeles Plumbing today!


- William
I was worried that those tree roots would ruin my entire sewer system. I thank this plumbing company for helping with video inspection. They helped me see and solve the problem.

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