Restoring Water Pressure in Homes

Restoration of water pressure in homes can be done with a few simple and practical steps.

Addressing Water Leaks

It should be understood that one of the major causes of low water pressure is if there is a leak in your plumbing system.  Keep in mind that plumbing systems are designed to keep water in using a series of interconnected pipes.  When pipes spring a leak or crack, the integrity of the water pressure significantly decreases.

Regularly checking your pipes will give you an indication of possible leaks.  This will allow you to initiate the necessary repairs.  Replacing cracked or damaged pipes is one of the most effective ways to restore water pressure.

The water meter is an excellent way to judge whether there is a leak in your plumbing system or not.  Simply take note of the reading when no water fixture is being used.  Do this every two hours to see if there are changes in the reading; this will let you know if there is a leak in your plumbing system.

Eliminating Mineral Deposits

One of the most common reasons why mineral deposits start to buildup is the use of hard water.  When this condition happens, you can expect the buildup to create obstruction in your faucets, showerheads, and other plumbing fixtures.  This will lead to poor water pressure distribution.

Mineral deposit buildup can also significantly reduce the inner diameter of your plumbing pipes.  The reduced path of water will hamper its smooth flow resulting in poor water pressure that can be experienced throughout your household.

Cleaning your faucets and showerheads is a good way to remove mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures.  However, if the buildup is within the pipes, you will need professional help to restore the water pressure in your home to respectable levels.

We can help you verify if mineral deposits is the cause of your water pressure problems.  We can recommend effective solutions that you can choose from.

When All Else Fails

The fastest and easiest way to restore water pressure in your home is to call for professional help.  We have properly trained and licensed professional plumbers that can do the job in an instant.  We can carry out tests that will give you the right solution to your water pressure woes.

The reality is that there are some problems that only we can deal with.  Corrosion of pipes, major cracks and leaks, or major blockage in your water supply line are some examples of issues that contribute to poor water pressure that only trained professionals can handle properly.  If you need restoration of water pressure immediately, we can do the job for you. Call Los Angeles Plumbing today!


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