How to Keep Tree Roots from Your Sewer Line

When your sewer line has some cracks or leaks, it is not anymore a surprise that tree roots would grow towards it. This is due to the water content in this line and we know for sure that roots are attracted to water. It is important that homeowners have some ideas on how to keep these from causing damage in your sewer lines and prevent expensive repairs.

Effects of tree roots in Drain lines

  •          broken pipes
  •          clog or blockage
  •          sewer backup
  •          damaged pipes

When a leak happens due to these roots, it could lead to health issues. This is the reason why it has to be addressed fast. The problem is dealing with damages caused by tree roots is very expensive. With this, it is best to prevent these tree roots from causing you a lot of headaches.

Determine Where Sewer Lines Are Located

Tree roots caused problems in the sewer lines for homeowners are not careful with where they plant some trees in their yard. If ever you do not know where your sewer lines are buried, you could get a professional service to help you identify where these lines are.

With this, if you have plans of planting trees in your garden, you know where you place it which will not cause any problem on your sewer. Also, you could avoid making some expensive landscaping right above these lines so that it will not be damaged when repairs are needed.

Create a Hurdle between Lines and Trees

To make sure that you avoid expensive repair and damages due to problems of tree roots in drain lines, you could ask some professional plumbers to create a barrier between trees and the sewer lines in your yard. This will definitely stop roots from going to your lines.

There are now also some chemicals that you could use to stop the growth of roots in a certain area. See to it that you read the instruction of these products carefully to avoid any troubles.

Think Well Before Planting

The best way that you could prevent tree root issues is to plant trees away from your sewer lines. If ever you wanted to add some plants near it, make sure that these plants do not have large and strong roots. So that it could not damage your lines and if ever it gets inside your drains, dealing with it is easy.

It is also advised to get your sewer lines properly inspected at least once a year in order to see if tree roots are starting to cause troubles. If you need help in dealing with tree roots in your lines, call Los Angles Plumbing. We have the right tools and equipment to do the inspection and also perform the needed maintenance to prevent clogs and other drain issues from frequently happening.

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How Video Sewer Inspection Works

When it comes to dealing with re-pipes, it’s one of those things that need a thorough inspection in order for a plumber to get the job done properly. It shouldn’t be rushed in any way. One of the most effective ways in detecting pipe leaks is through a plumber performing video sewer inspection. Expert plumbers have a vast experience in performing such a task.

An Overview of How Video Sewer Inspection Works

  1. It will start when the truck and all the equipment for monitoring and recording will be placed where your sewer pipes are located.
  2. A video camera will then be attached in the truck’s rear end by using a winch and some cables that will lower the camera down to your pipes. They will be able to retract the video camera after the inspection. Then, a tractor will be lowered into the pipes as well when the inspection begins.
  3. An expert plumber will then observe your sewer at the back of his truck. He will watch the video fed by the camera. This inspection will help him assess what the problem is depending on what he finds in your sewer pipes.
  4. On the other hand, there are pipes that do not allow the tractor to fit due to their small size. In this case, a fish will be used; after the inspection, a rope is used to get the camera back.
  5. While the inspection is on going, the technician will assess what he finds based from the video record that he uses as the reference.
  6. In some cases, tree rots are the problem. This can be solved by using equipment with blade that will be sent to the areas where there are overgrown roots for instance. On the other hand, a plumber can also use a chemical to reduce any root growth.
  7. In larger problems, your sewer pipes may need repair or excavation. For older pipes, replacement may be the solution.

There you have how video sewer inspection works! All in all, a plumber will use video sewer inspections to determine what the problem is and discuss it with you as you will be making the decision on what you want to be done next. An expert plumbing contractor will just be to guide you.

Aside from the knowledge they possess in getting it done, they need to have the best equipment possible which includes a video camera, a monitor, and other equipment needed in doing this task. They should also own a great amount of patience to successfully do this work.

We Are Here to the Rescue!

At LA plumbing they ensure that this is done in the most efficient and effective way. They ensure that no rework has to be done once they get their hands in working with your pipes. This is a guarantee that these expert plumbers do provide across California and nearby areas.

For any re-pipe or video sewer inspection needs that you may have, do not hesitate to get in touch with an expert 24 hour plumbing contractor. Our emergency plumbing technicians are on standby to help you anytime.

We offer you our same day service that you can trust. For any sewer pipe problem you may have, you don’t need to call up another company but our emergency plumbing help.  Contact our bonded, insured and licensed plumbers that comply with all plumbing quality and safety standards.

Experience a great plumbing service from them and stop your suffering from it. Have video inspection services from us. We are your one-stop solution when it comes to plumbing upgrades, repairs, maintenance and installation.

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I was worried that those tree roots would ruin my entire sewer system. I thank this plumbing company for helping with video inspection. They helped me see and solve the problem.

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